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The Levels
10 Levels of plenty awards
Level 1
Time for fun
0 to 39 points
Level 2
1 Little Duck
40 to 74 points
Level 3
Time for Tea
75 to 114 points
Level 4
Knock at the Door
115 to 169 points
Level 5
Come Alive
170 to 249 points
Level 6
In the mix
250 to 449 points
Level 7
Lucky Seven
450 to 749 points
Level 8
Garden Gate
750 to 1099 points
Level 9
Cloud Nine
1100 + points
Level 10
Top of the shop
Invitation Only
Just for This Level
Exclusive rewards & promotions per level!
FREE BINGO18+. Existing customers only. Invitation only. £1 cash must be spent on Bingo tickets in previous 7 days for automatic entry into Gala Rewards room. Room opening times vary (UK time). Mobile, desktop & New Desktop lobby only. Winnings paid to customer's cash balance. T&Cs apply.

These Terms & Conditions apply to Gala Rewards. They should be read alongside our General Website Terms & Conditions and Bingo Jargon Buster. These terms can be accessed here & here.


  1. Gala Rewards are available to real money customers aged 18 or over, who have a registered account with (an "Eligible Player").


  1. The Gala Rewards Programme allows Eligible Players to accumulate points each month, in order to unlock the ten (10) levels of rewards (each a "Level" and together "The Levels").
  2. Each Level can be reached if an Eligible Player accumulates the required number of points, as specified on the promotional page. Only Eligible Players aged 25 or over will be able to access Levels 6 to 10.
  3. Once a Level is reached, the Eligible Player shall be entitled to specific Reward(s) (as defined below).
  4. Eligible Players can accumulate a combination of the following types of points:
    1. Lifetime Points;
    2. Deposit Points;
    3. Slots & Games Play Points; and
    4. Bingo Play Points.
    (together the "Points")
  1. Points are recorded on a progress bar visible in the Gala Rewards Tab on (the "Progress Bar").
  2. Each day, the Progress Bar shall be updated to reflect all play (up to midnight) the day before.
  3. On the first working day of each calendar month, the Eligible Player's Points shall be counted to determine which Level was reached by the Eligible Player in the previous month.
  4. The Eligible Player shall then be entitled to the specific Rewards available for that Level, in accordance with the Rewards section below.
  5. The Eligible Players' Progress Bars shall restart once the Level for the previous month is determined , and the accumulation of Points begins on that first working day, in accordance with the Points section below.



  1. Lifetime Points accumulate in accordance with the number of calendar years an Eligible Player's account (the "Account") has been registered for, calculated from the Account's registration date (the "Tenure").
  2. For each full calendar year of Tenure, an Eligible Player shall accumulate 5 Lifetime Points, up to a maximum of 25 Lifetime Points.

For example: if an Eligible Player's Account is registered for 5 years, the Eligible Player shall have 25 Lifetime Points added to their Progress Bar (5x5 =25); if an Account is registered for 6 years, 25 Lifetime Points shall be added to that Eligible Player's Progress Bar (6x5 = 30, but 25 Lifetime Points is the maximum number of Lifetime Points that can be gained).

For example: if an Eligible Player is registered for 3 years, 15 Lifetime Points will be added to their Progress Bar.

  1. Eligible Players shall accumulate Lifetime Points on the first account created, only. If multiple accounts are linked to the same username, name, email address, phone number or bank details, the first registered account shall accumulate Lifetime Points only.


  1. Eligible Players can gain Deposit Points by depositing cash funds into their Account.
  2. One (1) Deposit Point shall be gained each time the Eligible Player's deposited funds amount to £40; thereafter, for every £40 deposited, the Eligible Player shall gain another Deposit Point, up to a maximum 20 Deposit Points, each month.
  3. Deposit Points balance shall restart each calendar month.


  1. Eligible Players can gain Slots & Games Play Points by wagering either bonus or cash funds on the slot and game products available on the (the "Slots & Games").
  2. One (1) Slot & Game Point shall be gained for every £100 staked on Slots & Games during each calendar month.
  3. There is no maximum threshold on the amount of Slot & Games Points an Eligible Player can gain.


  1. Eligible Players can gain Bingo Play Points by wagering either bonus or cash funds on bingo games offered on (the "Bingo Games").
  2. One (1) Bingo Play Point shall be gained for every £15 staked on the Bingo Games, each calendar month
  3. There is no maximum threshold on the amount of Bingo Play Points an Eligible Player can gain.


  1. Each Level shall entitle Eligible Players to access and participate in selected promotions, as displayed on the promotional page (each a "Reward").
  2. The number and type of Rewards vary per Level and are available at our sole discretion.
  3. Eligible Players can access the specific Rewards of each Level for the duration of the calendar month in which the Eligible Player Points entitle the Eligible Player to the specific Level.

For example: If an Eligible Player starts October on Level 3, the Eligible Player can access the Level 3 Rewards until the last working day of October. On the first working day of November, the Eligible Player's Points are wiped to 0, and the Eligible Player will start to accrue Points again.


  1. Promoter: LC International Limited.
  2. Gala Rewards cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion.
  3. We reserve the right to change, end or restrict (a) the Gala Rewards scheme in part or in its entirety, (b) the Gala Rewards or (c) any Eligible Player's access to the Gala Rewards Scheme, if required for legal and/or regulatory reasons.